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Mao wants President Museveni to peacefully handover power.

The Constitutional affairs minister, Nobert Mao, who doubles as the Democratic Party-DP president has challenged President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, to deliberately spearhead the processes for him to peacefully handover of power.
While spearheading DP grassroots mobilization drives in Jinja city over the weekend, Mao pointed out that Uganda has never experienced any peaceful change of power, with each transition resulting into blood, which overly retards the country’s progression. He noted that it is high Museveni creates an alternative from the past trends set by his predecessors.
He stressed that Museveni boasts of spearheading the country’s economic transformation in different aspects of life, which can be easily edified by the youthful generation, if he at all moots for peaceful power transfer.
Mao noted that Ugandans are celebrants of the prevailing stability in the country, however, they are equally groaning for a peaceful change of leadership, which Museveni can willingly supretend over, not only to consolidate his legacy for future generations, but also safeguard the country’s skyrocketing development endeavors under his stewardship.
He insists that the country’s political turmoils of 1971, 1979, 1985 and 1986, negatively derailed the country, both locally and internationally, which has prompted him to actively participate in the peaceful power handover processes and he wants collective support from not only DP, but all Ugandans across the world to actualize this need.
Mao further said that as their counterparts are materializing on the electoral processes, while DP is participating in negotiations, in which if their voices are well heard, will culminate into sustainable power change for the benefit of all Ugandans.
Mao also implored Museveni to fight prevailing social evils like corruption and tribalism, among others, which he blames for retarding the country’s universal growth, with some elements in the government using excessive power at their disposal, to deprive the majority Ugandans from partaking of the national cake, in all aspects.
Meanwhile, Ismael Kiirya, the Uganda young Democrats president, challenged all the youths in the country, to collectively refocus their energies on acquiring meaningful energies, which will enable them to actively participate in the power change struggles, without any form of bloodshed.