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Man shot dead for grabbing gun from URA guard.

The police in Koboko district, West Nile have opened up a general enquiry file to investigate an incident in which a man attacked a security guard at the district URA offices and grabbed a gun from him.
This resulted into shooting and killing the suspect on spot.
According to police, on Sunday October 9, two UPDF soldiers and one policeman were deployed as day shift guards at Koboko URA offices. However, one person who has been identified as Vincent Nyota, 24 appeared and sat at the extreme end of the building.
It is said that when the guards got busy controlling a crowd that was marching along Koboko-Yumbe Road past the URA offices during the independence day celebrations, one of the security officers called Poru Yosa was hit with a hammer by the man (Vincent Nyota) who had been seated at the corner of the building.
He grabbed his gun number UG. POL 564809077-10294 with 30 rounds of ammunitions amidst serious strangle.
In the process, one of the soldiers called Ahumad Aduaze intervened to save his colleague and recover the gun.
However, the suspect overpowered them with the gun and ran towards Alimakodra cell, a known heaven of notorious thugs.
This prompted the UPDF soldier Ahumad Aduaze to shoot a warning bullet on the ground so as to make the suspect surrender the gun, but instead turned back to him in an attempt to shoot at the him. In self defense the soldier shot him dead.
This was confirmed by the regional spokesperson Josephine Angucia in an interview with this website on Monday.
She said that a joint security team led by DPC Koboko visited the scene of crime and rescued the injured police officer Poru Yosa and rushed him to Arua regional hospital for treatment.
The body of the suspect was also recovered and conveyed to Koboko health centre IV mortuary for post-mortem.
However, Angucia revealed that upon check, it was discovered that the suspect was a UPDF deserter who had been wanted for a long time.
Meanwhile, the police has since beefed up security at the URA premises saying that this is the second attack on it following a similar incident in March where one person was killed and eight others injured in a shootout which is still under investigation.

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