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LC5 Chairman wanted over defilement and child trafficking.

Police is searching for Chelimo Julius, the LC5 Chairman of Bukwo district, for aggravated defilement and trafficking of a 16-year-old girl.
According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the victim left her parents’ home in Bukwo on November 28, 2021, and came for a holiday in Kampala.
While in Kampala, she went and visited a friend called Amidu Anthony, where she was lured into a friendship by the suspect, Chelimo Julius, the LC5 Chairman of Bukwo district.
“It was on May 6, 2022, that the victim was picked up by a one Amisi Latif, at Usafi market, and linked up with the suspect at Shell Petrol Station in Kireka. He further transported them to Mbale, where the two (suspects and victim) slept at Starlight Hotel,” said Enanga.
He added, “The victim, however, managed to sneak out of the hotel on May 7, 2022, and travelled back to her parents’ home in Bukwo.”
She, however, again disappeared on May 18. She was traced to the home of Chesang Doreen, a relative of the suspect, and reunited with her family.
“The victim was once again trafficked from their home, between May 2022 and August 24, 2022, and was harbored at the home of Chemutai Caroline in Budaka district, a cousin sister to the suspect. The suspect would occasionally pick her up, take her to a lodge and drop her off home later,” said Enanga.
The victim is currently under the protection and care of the Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Unit of CID Headquarters.
“We want to applaud the officers for their efforts and courage while tackling sexual assaults by high-profile suspects. In the case under investigation, they have obtained very relevant statements from credible witnesses, and obtained samples from the victim for further DNA analysis,” said Enanga.
Meanwhile, police is hunting for the Chairman LC, who Enanga claims wields a lot of power and influence in the Bukwo district and the Sebei region.
“We are, therefore, appealing to the public, relatives, and friends, who can lead us to the whereabouts or arrest of Chelimo Julius,” he said.

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