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KCCA’s law enforcement officers to wear body cams.

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is set to introduce body cameras as a tool to help hold its law enforcement officers accountable and more transparent in their work.
The cameras will enable the officers to record footage when they have interactions, such as arrests, with members of the public.
The equipment will also enable the KCCA legal department to collect evidence during investigations or better defend their actions during a particular encounter.
Dorothy Kisaka, the KCCA executive director said this initiative will help rebuild trust with the communities and reduce citizen complaints.
Kisaka had an engagement with the law enforcement officers and cautioned them to act with restraint and caution in dealing with the people.
“In the past few days there have been increased reports of public disquiet, especially downtown. There are many reports of indiscipline, theft and assaulting people that are coming in,” Kisaka said.
“There are some bad apples among you who are spoiling the job. We cannot allow indiscipline, assault, battering, and theft to go on as we watch. This must stop,” Kisaka said.
Currently the team is undergoing training on the usage of the cameras.
Kisaka also valued the enforcement team for the great work they have done towards decongesting Kampala.
“I want to appreciate you for the good work. We have been receiving great feedback, you have been supporting the decongestion exercise. Thank you and continue doing us great,” Kisaka said.
Apart from the body cameras, KCCA is engaging enforcement officers in physical fitness exercises and mindset change programmes.

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