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Kabaka appeared on zoom and cautioned on the proper usage of social media platforms

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi echoed this while opening the two-day conference of Buganda Bumu North America, Kabaka Mutebi noted that once Technology is effectively embraced it can lead to development, but that if not it can lead into trouble.

“Many of Buganda’s enemies are using social media platforms to tarnish the Kingdom’s glory. Let us not give them time and space,” Kabaka advised.

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi ll has asked his subjects to be careful when using technology and social media platforms.

Kabaka added that through his research, he has been able to establish that some Baganda are providing a platform for the baseless allegations being spread by the enemies.

He applauded the organizers for selecting a theme rotating around   Technology which he said was timely.

The Kabaka also expressed hope that after this convention, more benefits will arise from it in the years to come.

This was his second public appearance since his 66th Birthday where people raised eye brows over his health

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