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Joe Abah lists 10 questions for presidential candidates.

Public policy expert, Joe Abah said Nigeria’s next President would have to press the “reset button” to fix the nation after the 2023 elections.
The ex-Director General of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR) stressed that the winner must focus on policy issues.
Abah wondered if President Muhammadu Buhari’s successor would allow the country to limp on or make tough decisions that could cost re-election.
In a thread on his Twitter account, the DAI Country Director listed 10 questions for the presidential candidates in the race.
“When will you remove fuel subsidy enjoyed mainly by urban dwellers and neighbouring countries?
“Will you stop spending money on unproductive ventures that produce nothing, like Turn Around Maintenance of refineries and Ajaokuta?
“Do you have the courage to stop oil theft?
“How will you fund Security, Infrastructure, Education and Health without borrowing more than you can afford to repay?
“Do you have the courage to eliminate multiple FX rates?
“Will you lead by example and cut government waste before demanding sacrifices of citizens?
“How will you tackle insecurity?
“What can you achieve with a Constitution that focuses on sharing rather than production?
“How will you get NASS on the same page?
“How will you ensure that we stop doing crazy things like creating new agencies with every law passed?”, he quipped.
Abah believes Nigeria’s economic situation is dire due to policy decisions that do not benefit the majority and the lack of courage to change them.
“I feel sorry for him (next President) but he wanted the job”, the lawyer added.

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