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Huawei Uganda PRO Kyobe On Cloud 9 After Proposing To Lover

By Elite News Reporter

Allan Kyobe Kaggwa, who is the Public Relations Officer (PRO) Huawei Uganda, is one of the happiest man in Uganda currently after he proposed to his lover Lydia Nakigudde and she said ‘Yeees!’

Our Moles reveal that Kyobe and Nakigudde held a private engagement ceremony on Saturday afternoon at one of the city hotels, where she accepted to take him as the love of her life, forever.

Allan Kyobe prepares to put a ring on Lydia’s finger

The couple hooked up a few years ago and pals say that after cohabiting for a long time while bonking ‘illegally’ for several months, they decided to make their relationship official and the first step was an engagement.

Shortly after the engagement, Kyobe wrote on Facebook thus; “Today marks a very important milestone in my God life because she said YES. Thank you God.”

Guys, as you read this, the couple is happily merrymaking as they warm up for a mega wedding ceremony that is slated to be held in September this year.

The couple cuddling shortly after engagement

And hey, if you see Nakigudde with a bulging tummy or changing her dress-code to long, round dresses, do not bother asking yourself why the change; just know Kyobe is doing a good job at keep her occupied during nocturnal hours.  

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