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How Bugingo duped Teddy over Makula.

House of Prayer Ministries International Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has disclosed what a side chic does that makes her loved by a married man.
According to Bugingo, a side chick cares more for a man than his wife.
“Side dish has no magic, she just has care. Side chic always ensures you’re smart whenever you get out,” said Bugingo.
Bugingo added that a side chic gives peace of mind to a man more than a wife. He further revealed that most men who end up being taken by side chicks are innocent because they are just overpowered by the care given to them by side chicks.
“By the way, there are even side chics who go for married men after studying that you’re not being treated well in your home,” he said.
Meanwhile, Bugingo cheated on his wife, Teddy Naluswa Bugingo, with his worker, Susan Makula, and now they are in a stable relationship.

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