Thursday, July 25News That Matters

Government statement on opposition concerns expected today.

The government is expected to present a statement addressing the concerns raised by opposition lawmakers during today’s afternoon session of Parliament. One of the major demands has to do with the question about the whereabouts of the 18 missing supporters of the National Unity Platform, some of whom were reportedly picked up by the infamous ‘drones’.
Speaker of Parliament, Ms. Anita Among instructed the government to provide a response during Tuesday’s sitting after the 30-day deadline for a response passed a week ago.
“The Minister of Security wrote to me and asked for an additional one week which ended [on Monday]. I am now directing that the Executive presents a report to this House [today],” Ms Among ruled
Third Deputy Prime Minister, Rukia Isanga Nakadama assured the House that the minister responsible for internal affairs would deliver the statement.
Opposition members, led by Mathias Mpuuga, reiterated their intention to boycott the proceedings until they receive the statement in advance to assess its adequacy.