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Boy commits suicide after being detained by school.

Police in Lwengo district are investigating the circumstances surrounding the suicide of a nine-year-old pupil, Joel Ojuma, at COLOH Children’s Foundation.
The boy reportedly took his own life after being detained by the school for failing to settle his fees balance.
According to the police, the school closed for the holidays on Friday, November 24, but retained pupils who had not completed their school fees. Joel Ojuma, along with another boy named Lwanga Allan, was among those kept at the school premises.
“We established that the sister to the now deceased, Alinda Kasifa, was sent to pick up Ojuma Joel from school. However, the bursar refused her to take him without settling the fees. As a result, the now deceased slept at the school with another boy, Lwanga Allan,” said the police.
On November 25, Allan Lwanga was picked up by his parents, leaving the school with only two pupils—Joel Ojuma and a girl identified as Ramula Namugga.
Around 12 o’clock, the cook, identified as Robert, sent Ramula Namugga to deliver food to Ojuma Joel in the dormitory. She discovered him lifeless, hanging from a rope.
The girl promptly alerted a teacher. The school director was informed, and a report was filed with the police, registering the case as suicide by hanging.
Upon reaching the scene, police officers found the lifeless body suspended from a rope tied to three metallic beds inside the boys’ dormitory.
The school director and some administrators were taken into custody on allegations of causing frustration to the pupil, ultimately leading to suicide.