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Good news for all Men who think they have small size

S.e.x, according to many experts, is all about confidence. Confidence allows you to perform well in the bedroom and speaks to how one uses their 4-5 inches

Speaking about 4-5, a recent study revealed that men are losing their confidence during s.e.x and the main reason stems from the size of their tool.

A new research under the headline, “Small pen!s syndrome”, found that excessive concerns about 4-5 size are significantly more common among men with average-sized pen!ses than small ones.

The research brought together 50 studies conducted since 1942, which between them have measured 11,531 4-5s.

It found that 63% of men who thought theirs was small blamed childhood comparisons with friends, while 37% blamed viewing erotic images as teenagers.

The study also revealed that 85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s size, while only 55% of men felt it was big enough for their partner.

Furthermore, 90% of women prefer a wide 4-5 to a long one, while other studies found that 4-5 size was less important than grooming and personality on a woman’s list of desirable attributes.

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