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Former Uganda Airlines CEO Muleya pins Bamuturaki of breaching Airline guidelines.

The Former Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Airlines, Cornwell Muleya has accused his successor Jennifer Bamuturaki of “stealing” from the Airline.
Muleya while appearing before the Commissions, Statutory Authorities, and State Enterprises (COSASE) said that in her previous role as the Director for Commercial, Bamuturaki caused the airline losses through inflating bills and over-invoicing.
He argued that his sacking from the airline was also motivated by such acts as people loyal to Bamuturaki wanting to bypass the procurement process and recruitment process at the airline.
He blamed Bamuturaki for engaging in the practice of over-invoicing, which is likely to bring the airline down.
Muleya began his appearance before COSASE by presenting documents related to the circumstances surrounding his termination from the Company.
He revealed to the Committee, with evidence, how the then-Director of Commercial Jenifer Bamuturaki was working against the airline’s growth.
The former CEO cited a case in which Bamuturaki overbilled Abbavater Company for US404,000$ (Shs1.5b) when the actual amount contracted was US172,000$ (655m), resulting in a surplus of USD232,000$ (884m).
He told legislators how the Lead Marketing Agency Abavata misappropriated money meant for the media despite the Airline clearing them with the outstanding payment.
Earlier, the committee had discovered that prior to her elevation as CEO, Bamuturaki connived with then acting CEO, Ephraim Kalyebara Bagenda, to give Abbavater Group Limited the Airline branding deal of Shs 2billion without a competitive bidding process.
The former CEO also told the Committee about a robbery that occurred at one of the airline’s stations, only to discover that it was stage managed by the Company’s Procurement manager.
Muleya also revealed how $1 million US dollars were discovered from Airline employees involved in issuing void tickets.

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