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Former minister Ringa is dead.

The former State Minister for Public Service and a business philanthropist, Patrick Aloysius Okumu Ringa has passed on this morning.
Family sources confirmed that Okumu Ringa, who also served as a Member of Parliament for Padyere County from 2001 to 2006 died after a long illness.
“He got a stroke about four years ago and has been living at his home in Naguru where he passed on this Wednesday morning,” a close family member told this publication.
The State Minister for Northern Uganda, Ms Grace Kwiyucwiny, also confirmed Ringa’s demise.
“Friends, be informed that Patrick Aloysius Okumu Ringa has just passed on this morning. Other arrangements will follow,” she posted on her social media platforms.
Rising from a business background through the establishment of Afro motors, Ringa built a business empire that made him start Aroma Tea processing company, opening up several business shops in Nebbi town and Kampala, thus providing youth with employment opportunities. This enabled him to build popularity thus his eventual rise to the Parliament.
During his time as the MP, Ringa sponsored over 100 students at all levels of education in Padyere County.

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