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FDC launches youths leadership academy.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat who officiated the lunching ceremony at party headquarters in Najjanankubi yesterday said that the Academy is the first of its kind in the politics of Uganda and is going to produce younger leaders pumped with knowledge about politics and integrity.
“The Leadership Academy will offer Ugandan society programmes and continuing training activities for political parties, public administration, private sector, civil society, and individual actors identified at the community level, especially young people and women, both in Uganda and in the regions”. Says Oboi.
“Work hard such that you inherit the current leadership of the party and the country in years to come as well as using the knowledge you have acquired to fish more young Men and women to join the mighty party” Amuriat tells the youth leaders.
For the start, 60 youth leaders from all 20 regions of Uganda have been trained and given Certificates to go and spread the leadership gospel they have acquired in their respective regions, supervision will have done by party officials from the party Secretariat starting 2/ April to 31 May 2023.
“our country for many years lucked such initiatives and is the main reason why doubled standard politics and corrupt leaders are still in our country ” says Warid Lubega the National youth Coordinator of FDC.
” We were tempted to start such Academy to help FDC have ready leaders to fill in the gap whenever it come such as by-elections, 2026 is around the corner far, even the government can change any time our leaders will be ready to cheap in for leadership” Lubega disclosed.
He adds ” the Academy is going to help youths grow their leadership careers.

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