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NUP MP attends Museveni’s speech at Kololo.

Bukoto South Member of Parliament for , Dr. Twaha Kagabo, has defied the resolution of the Shadow cabinet by attending the parliamentary sitting at Kololo Ceremonial grounds where the President has addressed the House from. Kagabo is the only National Unity Platform (NUP) legislator who has attended the meeting
The legislator has told our reporter that believes that the opposition is no longer dependable and his priority now is to represent his people in the House.
The Shadow cabinet had directed all opposition legislators to boycott the President’s address to Parliament at Kololo, arguing that the President is silent on matters of violation of human rights, such as the continued abductions of Ugandans, and the increasing theft in his government, among other issues.
However, Dr. Kagabo believes that they should listen to the President and task him to respond to the pressing issues affecting Ugandans. He does not feel that he has betrayed the opposition, but rather that they have betrayed him and are not truthful.
Last year, the President of the NUP, Robert Kyagulanyi, directed all opposition legislators to return the 40 million shillings they had allegedly received for unknown reasons. Only Dr. Twaha Kagabo returned the money but later apologized to the Speaker and the House for doing so.
Mp Kagabo has said that he remains a member of the NUP and insists that no one can force him out of his party.

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