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Exclusive :18 Chinese investors deported over mistreatment of workers.

The President of Rwanda, General Paul Kagame has ordered for immediate deportation of 18 Chinese nationals. “The 18 investors were found guilty of mistreating Rwandan workers and grubbing land on which they operated their business,” President Kagame said.
Chinese investors exploited Rwandan people and also took advantage of them by making them work abnormal hours like slaves.
“Africa is for Africans. We can’t be slaves in Africa. We don’t tolerate the nonsense of discrimination here,” General Kagame added.
“Rwanda is for Africans and those who mean well for us. I am directing the 18 Chinese investors to leave Rwanda immediately and must never return back.
Rwandan people must enjoy their rights in their country. Let this be a lesson to the remaining Chinese investors” President Kagame warned.
The Rwandan President saluted their President for the brave instructions he gave to have the 18 investors deported saying it was good that he cared and protected the nationals but not the ‘foreigners’ in the brackets of investors.

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