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Exams Starts Amidst Warning Against Malpractices.

Head teachers in secondary schools in Mukono have been warned against examination malpractices during this period as students are sitting for their final exams as it could lead to prosecutions.
The warning was sounded by Jovita Kobumanzi the chief scout from the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) while handing over exams to teachers and head teachers at Mukono central police station.
Jovita Kobumanzi, Chief Scout from the National Examinations Authority, warned school authorities to avoid submitting an inconsistent number of students as this could lead to disciplinary action.
Kobumanzi said UNEB has provided a form to all schools to fill in the number of all students who are going to sit for the final examinations as well as those in the subsequent classes ( S3 and S5) and urged them to be careful in filling them to avoid problems.
Area supervisor Constatine Mpunga Ssajjabi said they have deployed a force of examination guards to further fight against examination theft and to put up security to prevent the spread of Ebola and Covid – 19 with every student required to wear a face mask.
In various schools we this website visited to see how the exams are going, we found that students are ready to start the mathematics exam which they started with this morning and some of the students who passed the first exam explained to us how the exam went.

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