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Every Parent Wants his or her Children Safe and Secure

By Kirunda Faruk:

Finally, we go to the polls! Ugandans are going to the ballot to secure their future with President Yoweri Museveni, the NRM flag bearer poised to get reelected on his protracted mission to liberate Uganda, East Africa and Africa

The campaign season has been rewarding and NRM is certain to regain the mandate of Ugandans who I thank so much for the overwhelming support and concurrent compliance with set rules. This has been a campaign like never before due to Coronavirus restrictions but which didn’t stop NRM from staying the course on the way to securing the future of Ugandans.

I wish to thank Ugandans for the love and hearing accorded to my candidate, Jajja of Bazzukulu (grandfather) President Museveni on the campaign trail. We have, together, kept the promise and I hope and pray that our efforts will be rewarded with ultimate victory. I urge voters to turn out strongly and make their voice heard to secure Uganda, and that direction of “securing and security” is where I am headed.

That said, it is clear that there is little left to do with the technical aspects of the elections apart from voting and realising results. The major concern at this point is the environment in which we hold the elections and the aftermath.

Good Ugandans want a peaceful, stable and secure environment in which they exercise their power and then live life normally thereafter. Are there bad Ugandans? If they are there, those ones want to see us in tears, to leave out country torn, desolate and frightening.

Let us resist any idea of sowing distress and unrest. I am for peace, we are for people together or we perish. This campaign for peace during after campaigns has been on and picked traction among influential people from all walks of life including politicians, clergy, cultural leaders, diplomats, opinion leaders, businessmen, professionals, security chiefs, opinion leaders and people of goodwill here and abroad.

I thank those greatly and ask everyone to join and won this campaign.

My sister, Lt. Co. Edith Nakalema usually says: “Peace is key, peace is like the oxygen we breathe. Without oxygen, you are dead. All your body parts won’t function; without peace, no development, no schooling, no working, etc. Let’s choose peace and practice it.” Need I add more?

There is no debate about the value of peace and safety. Once we lose that, nothing else matters and we will all regret. The ball is in the hands of parents to mind their children who are most vulnerable to incitement and adventurism. Most of them are out of school due to Coronavirus restrictions; they have a lot of time on their hands and could easily go astray.

Those who are not going to vote should stay home; those who are voting should do so in an orderly and then return home. All adults should play parent with minors and urge them to “stay safe”.

The election process is in safe hands and the will of the people will be reflected.

There is no need to incur unnecessary anxiety when Government has done everything to deliver the election and everyone agreed to participate. All those who may not be participating should not interfere with those participating. It has taken time and resources to organize this and we expect value for money, and more.

We have witnessed tense and, unfortunately, even deadly situations during the campaigns. Therefore, the public is worried that there will be heightened tension at the time of voting and after. All elections tend to stir a lot of interest, world over. Even in the US, they are still grappling with the aftermath of the November 3 presidential elections, but it does not mean that we have to be on tension because others are.

This is Uganda, we are Ugandans and Museveni is our president. Among his biggest assurances to Ugandans is security or person and property, whether during or out of election season.

Let us do part.

As civilians, let us strictly keep within the established field of play and avoid any confrontation over election related matters. There will always be elections; we need to live to see them and to take the change we want. We are in a regular democratic exhibition.

Ideas over abuse; co-existence over sectarianism, rationality over anger and emotion, securing the future over destroying it!

Bazzukulu, please take note and play safe! Some parents have chosen to relocate their children elsewhere and it is their right to do so.

Every parent wants his or her children safe. Those who cannot relocate theirs want them safe in their simple environments; nobody’s child should be used to serve the interests of others at a risk to their own existence. No!

We don’t disrupt Uganda so that and because we can easily fly out and leave an inferno back home. No!

I call upon all contenders at whatever level to consider working with President Museveni before, during and after the elections.

Uganda is for us all! In case of any dissatisfaction with outcomes of the elections, there are channels to seek redress, chief of which is the courts of law. The rest of the job is for security organs to keep the peace.

I wish all Ugandans safe and successful elections, and renewed leadership of President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni!

The author is a Private Secretary to H.E. the President of Uganda in charge of Media Management.

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