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CPS and IPS Bombing: Nine take charges of terrorism as five are acquitted

The International Crimes Division of the High Court in Kampala has confirmed nine suspects to stand trial for their alleged involvement in the manufacture and detonation of 2021 Kampala twin bombings at CPS and IPS building.
On Tuesday, Justice Richard Wejuli Wabwire ordered that the suspects start trial on charges of Terrorism and belonging to a terrorist organization before a yet to be named panel of three Justices.
They are: Ismail Kiyemba , Wambedde Twaha, Nsubuga Nadir Faisal, Ishaq Jero, Kiryowa Jamadah Afan, Ssebunya Hassan, Musinguzi Sadiq and Bbumba Ammar.
The same Judge has set free five people after ruling that the Prosecution evidence did not point at their involvement in the bombings.
Justice Wejuli has ruled that the evidence presented by the Prosecution during the Pre-trial hearing sufficiently substantiates the charges of Terrorism against only the said nine people.
As such he has set free Bogere Muniru, Jjuuko Bashir Kiwanuka, Kisitu Mohammed, Bakyayita Hamuza and Matiwa Huzaifa Ismail saying the evidence disclosed by the prosecution is not sufficient to sustain charges of belonging to a terrorist organization against them.
The twin bomb blasts in which seven people died and 33 others were injured; occurred in November/2021 both at IPS building near Parliamentary Avenue and at CPS.
The nine have been remanded back to Luzira prison until the trial panel of Judges is named.
The case started in 2021 with 19 people but the DPP first withdrew charges against all the women suspects who were involved in this case in December 2023 leaving the case with only 14 people who have been sieved by court now to only remain with nine on trial