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Coffin abandoned at resident’s home in Ntungamo district.

A strange and puzzling event left the peaceful village of Kishenga in Rugarama sub-county, Rushenyi County, in utter disbelief.
The residents were taken aback when an abandoned black coffin was discovered inside the toilet of John Karenzi, a local resident.
Shinan Kacuucu Natuhurira, the representative for people with disabilities (PWDs) and the speaker for Rugarama Sub County, arrived at the scene and witnessed the enigmatic black coffin in John Karenzi’s toilet.
Natuhurira questioned Karenzi about any possible connections or reasons for the presence of the coffin, but Karenzi claimed to have no knowledge or explanation.
The small-sized coffin contained a mix of curious items, such as coins of Ugandan currency (Ugx 100, 200, 500, and 1000), small crosses, a scarecrow made from banana fibres, and even fur from unknown small animals. The unusual assortment of objects added to the intrigue surrounding this baffling find.
Initially, the local councillor considered disposing of the coffin to resolve the situation. However, after seeking advice, it was decided to wait for a religious person who could offer insight into the significance of this peculiar discovery. Thus, the black coffin remained in its eerie position on John Karenzi’s property, fueling speculation and anticipation.
Our reporter attempted to gather more information and contacted Ilim Muzoora, the officer in charge of Rubaare police station. Surprisingly, Muzoora was unaware of the incident at that time, intensifying the sense of mystery and indicating that official attention had not yet been drawn to the matter.

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