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Chimpanzee jumps out of bush, snatches 2months old baby from mother’s arms.

Aroho Ahumuza, a two-month-old baby, was being held by her mother in the western Ugandan town of Kagadi when a chimpanzee kidnapped her.
The child was suddenly snatched from her mother’s arms by the chimp as it burst out of a bush.
After the mother of the child called for assistance, locals arrived. Ahumuza was eventually discovered with significant head wounds.
According to Kunihira Kasaija, the victim’s father, the child was found and taken to Kagadi community health center for treatment, but she later passed away.
According to information gathered from the WCS Uganda, Uganda is home to an estimated count of 5,000 chimpanzees. The DRC has the largest population of eastern chimpanzees, but Uganda also has a sizable population.
Chimpanzees rarely cause fatalities, but they have occasionally been observed to be aggressive.
A man can be easily defeated by chimpanzees because they are roughly four times as strong as humans. Chimpanzees are highly capable of dealing serious injuries to their victims once provoked.

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