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Chameleone and Makula finally graduated.

Returning to education as an adult is undeniably challenging, and even more so when you’re in the spotlight. Nonetheless, several Ugandan public figures have embraced this journey, with only a select few achieving the remarkable feat of completing their education upon their return.
Renowned names like Bobi Wine, Khalifa Aganaga, and Rema Namakula have all rekindled their pursuit of knowledge, yet their respective courses remain unfinished.
However, a recent highlight brightens this narrative. On Thursday, singer Jose Chameleone and Suzan Makula, the wife of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, celebrated their graduation from Cavendish University.
Jose Chameleone earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations & Diplomacy, while Suzan Makula excelled in Journalism and Mass Communication.
This achievement echoes loudly because very few prominent figures manage to successfully embark on this educational path and see it through to graduation. But, they are not the pioneers.
In 2020, renowned local band musician Ronald Mayinja graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Social Science from the country’s oldest and most esteemed institution of learning, Makerere University.
Similarly, in 2022, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo achieved a Bachelor’s in Theology and Integrated Studies from the United Graduate College & Seminary International.
In February of this year, as media personality Kasuku, also known as Kuku Wazabanga, joined the ranks of thousands during Makerere University’s 73rd Graduation ceremony.
photo credit: salt media

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