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Bunyangabu Shines in MTN Tooro Masaza Bicycle Races:Riders Display Thrilling Skills and Community Spirit

The MTN Tooro Masaza Bicycle Races held on Sunday, July 9, 2023, in Bunyangabu
County, Bunyangabu District, were a sensational display of cycling prowess and the
power of community support. Sponsored by MTN Uganda and organized by Tooro
Kingdom, this event brought together over 50 riders who competed fiercely in the
Ordinary and Sports Bicycle categories. The challenging route from Kibiito to Rubona
trading center and back witnessed remarkable performances and inspiring stories of
The winners in the Sports Bicycle category, including Michael Mugisa, Peter Mugisa,
Abdul Murungi, Francis Bwekale, and Yusuf Tumusiime, showcased their exceptional
skills and speed, leaving spectators in awe. Notably, Michael Mugisa expressed
gratitude for the race, emphasizing how it helped him overcome his debts. Determined
to secure victory in the final races, Mugisa emphasized the significance of intensive
Meanwhile, the Ordinary Bicycle category witnessed outstanding performances from
David Sunday, Tobius Muganzi, Raymond Kwikiriza, Posiano Basaija, and Eric
Muhanga, who delivered impressive displays of skill and determination. David Sunday,
the champion of the Ordinary Bicycle race, shared his inspiring journey, stating, “I
started with someone’s bicycle, but I believed that my talent and participation in these
races could turn my story, and indeed, I own one now. I’m now focused on the bigger
cash in the finals.”
The community’s support played a vital role in the success of the MTN Tooro Masaza
Bicycle Races. Gilbert Nyaika, O.C. Bunyangabu Police and coordinator of Bunyangabu
County, stressed the importance of thorough training for riders to compete favorably in
the forthcoming final races in Fort Portal City. Minister of Sports for Tooro Kingdom,
Owek Michael Wandera, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need to prioritize
training for better results.
MTN Uganda’s sponsorship and commitment to supporting sports activities were
evident throughout the event. Collin Kwesiga, the MTN Fort Portal Territory manager,
expressed the company’s dedication to promoting talent and raising awareness among
the youth about ending HIV/AIDS by 2030. Kwesiga’s remarks highlighted MTN’s
involvement in the race and its broader commitment to social responsibility.
The event garnered support from local leaders, such as Patrick Kabagambe, the Mayor
of Kibiito Town Council, and Counsel Robert Kagoro, who pledged a generous 10
million to support the Bunyangabu Football team for the finals. The contributions from
community leaders showcased the significance of these races as a unifying force within
the region.
Participants and winners expressed their heartfelt appreciation for Tooro Kingdom and
MTN Uganda for organising and sponsoring the races. Julius Katusiime, a first-time

participant, gratefully acknowledged MTN for providing her with the opportunity to
showcase her talents. Omubiito Kabuzi, the county chief of Tooro Kingdom,
commended the winners and praised Tooro Kingdom and MTN Uganda for their
initiatives. Kabuzi emphasized the positive impact of such events on community unity
and the significance of using sports activities to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS
among the youth.
The MTN Tooro Masaza Bicycle Races in Bunyangabu County served as a thrilling
platform for talented riders to exhibit their skills and determination. As the final races
draw near, the riders are focusing on rigorous training and aiming to achieve
remarkable success. The unwavering support from community leaders and
stakeholders exemplifies the collective commitment to empowering the youth and
fostering a healthier future. With inspiring stories from riders like David Sunday and
Michael Mugisa, it is evident that these races have the power to transform lives and
inspire greatness.

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