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Blows on Nambooze as she asked buganda caucus chairmanship

At this time as we see hon Nambooze should execuse the chairman ship of buganda caucus . people like Dr. lulume bayiga, hon. muwanga kivumbi amang others should be the one fronted on this position other than should be rembered that hon nambooze was recently seen fronting some youth in mukono to stop katikiro mayiga from speaking on the recent funeral of the late ssekibobo by switchffing off the speakers the Dear colleagues representing constituencies, Districts and special group in Buganda…Allow me to congratulate you upon your successful bid for Office and going through the swearing in plus orientation.
I intend to move you and seek you support and endorsement to lead our Buganda caucus going forward.
 Allow me not out of arrogance but genuine concern and commitment to use this platform to strengthen ourselves as individuals MPs and as the Central region. 
I humbly request you to allow me say that  “EMBEERA eriwo Nambooze yagisobola”.
I stand for a vibrant, influencial and loyal to the Kabaka but firm caucus. As your Chairperson, I will ensure that we have seminars.meetinhs and workshops for capacity building….We can nolonger afford to have anything else other than the BEST as individuals and as a caucus.
We shall share with each other to learn form ourselves…..All of us can shine in our individual capacities and I pledge that under my leadership everybody who wishes will be a “Class one legislator” and we shall illuminate in a glowing light together …. this is achievable and we are destined to be there….That is my Solemn vow. 
We in the Buganda caucus will bargain better as a group instead of the scattered efforts by Members….For our Constituencies and for matters concerning our Kabaka and our Buganda Kingdom and Uganda in general. Together we are to be loyal to our Kingdom….. We shall however stay firm against blackmail, intimidation or ransoming…we have a clear mandate and our activities for our Kingdom shall be done as a group.
 Together we promisento work for a New – Buganda and Uganda through our actions and inaction. As a caucus we will bargain together…we are going to be bipartisan and for our brothers  and sisters,we shall grow an environment which shall make each one of us to feel at home despite our political and or religious difference.
For Members of the caucus that originated from other parts of Uganda but now members of the caucus, we will have the same share as the rest of us. 
This time the  Parliament is blouted,so big to say the least…..sitting in a stadium….who will see you when you stand alone. We are to be each brother’s keeper. 
I will move that we ammend our constitution to provide for a Whip with assistants form both sides to whip Members in the event we have an ongoing debate about Buganda or even another region that we may agree with for particular missions or permanent friendship.
 As a group we shall extend love and seek to work with other caucuses  on defined projects….that will be our Principal assignment… to work together in divesity….as a people brought together by history.
 I come to you with vast experience, I have been there and saw that whenever something about Buganda is mentioned… collegues from other parts of the country become suspicious….I know you know the background that brings us where we are….All of us are able and it’s this ability that we shall pool together to show the rest of Uganda the BEST OF BUGANDA.
It’s not true that we the Baganda are dishonest, treacherous and full of intrigue…These biases and assumptions are false,we the Baganda love People and we are not thieves as a matter of shared character. What you hear being said against us….the unending propaganda against us is intended to paint  a false- image of our kingdom…our Kabaka and us his subjects in order to deny us harmony and our true and fitting share of Uganda.
This time around we shall deliberately do things that will bring us nearer to other Ugandans through their MPs,whom we shall engage and arrange to meet more regularly for a conversation and diologues about our country and where we want to be in the five,ten,a hundred years to come.We shall sponsor motions,petitions,bills together as a caucus and or support collegues to present and sail through with presentations.
As your chairperson,I intend to move for you to adopt with the necessary  modifications that our caucus should not end at Parliament…..we want the other side of the caucas to be a social group (club) for us,where we share together in good and bad days as brothers and sisters.
By winning these elections we are aware and properly cautioned that, we are not to assume a status of cultural leaders, we don’t act on behalf of the Kingdom unless when called upon by the Kattikiro for a special assignment. In Buganda especially on matters  concerning decisions endorsed by the Kabaka,we shall remain as the led. Basically our work is in Parliament and in constituencies were we are to stand together.
I have heard remote voices suggesting that I leave this to our new collegues…These are voices of people who look at leadership as an opportunity the caucus offers individuals leading it and not as a big assignment where work must be done. We also know that some of these voices are coming from our detractors to serve reverse psychology. 
 Obuvunanyizibwa nga buno obutali bwa lusaago, bato baffe balina kusembezebwa kumpi nga baweebwa ku bifo bya executive oba okutumwa okukulira obukiiko bw’emirimu obw’enjawulo sosi kubinikibwa buvunanyizibwa obusukiridde…we don’t have time to try out leaders. 
We have a war at our doors that will require tested and trustworthy leaders…. In the last Parliament  we   stayed out and surrended the caucus to Hon.Muyanjs Ssenyonga who had just joined Parliament. We are grateful for the work he and his team did,but we must agree that  the caucus almost went into extinction…We now have a task of waking up this   sleeping giant.
We can only survive as a People…Equals with a claim and true stakeholders of the Pearl of Africa. I pray that it pleases you comrades to vote for me together with the four executive committee members….by consensus to save ourselves from the antagonism that characterise many of our elections… Antagonistic election most times leave us in permanent cold wars against each other. We must guard against this…we must work.and live in harmony…we deserve it and our  Kingdom and people deserve it.
Katonda ne Buganda omwoyo gumu n’emmeme emu….Laaba Omwoyo ggwa Buganda ogutaffa !!Bakireke Nambooze Betty (MP) Mukono Municipality.

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