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Bebe Cool clashes with Katikiro over the late Jajja Iculi.

Bebe Cool has expressed his bitterness against the Katikiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga following the comments he made against the late Jajja Iculi a.k.a Isma Olexass.
Early this week, Mayiga described the fallen blogger as someone who spoke before thinking and he never stopped to think about the outcomes of his words.
“Isma was talking too much. It seems he was talking faster than he would think. It is always good to think more than open your mouth,” Mayiga said while speaking to the media early this week.
Bebe Cool believes Mayiga’s comments were uncalled for. He explained as the Prime minister of Buganda, he surely understands that you don’t speak about the bad side of a dead man.
“I was not pleased with Katikkiro’s comments on the Isma issue. Katikkiro is a Muganda man, he should have known that Isma was a Muganda and even if he wasn’t, you don’t talk like that about the dead,” Bebe Cool said.

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