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Beauty Tips: How To Keep Sagging Breasts In Shape

By Our Reporter

Ladies, you don’t have to switch off the lights anymore because you fear your partner to notice your sagging boobs, because beauty experts have a number of solutions for this problem.

One of the biggest fears for most women is to see their breasts become weak and saggy while they are still young. However research has shown that the condition is becoming more prevalent among younger women and that is not meant to be so.

According to health experts, a healthy woman’s breasts are expected to remain firm at least until menopause.

So what then could be responsible for this unnatural trend of breasts becoming saggy before the expected time?

There are several factors that could cause breasts to lose their fitness. They include but are not limited to the following;

i).Poor bra choices


iii). Rapid weight loss

iv). Rapid weight gain



vii).Prolonged breast feeding

viii). Excessive nicotine

ix). Alcoholism

x). Breast cancer

xi) Bad posture

However, dear ladies, you can say bye to sagging boobs by doing the following;

Avoid smoking/alcoholism

Cigarettes contain harsh chemicals that pose a great threat not just to your lungs, but also your skin, especially the chest region which is very delicate.

The chemicals in cigarettes can damage the skin’s elastine, leaving it weak and saggy. Drinking alcohol also has the same effect, so if you’re looking to retain the firmness of your skin and breasts, staying away from cigarette and nicotine is a good place to start.

Avoid Oversized Bras

Oversized bras are unhealthy for your breasts because they cannot hold them in place, instead they will leave them hanging loose and that can cause your breasts to stretch further than they already are.

A fitting bra on the other hand will hold them in place, and keep them firm. So always be conscious of what bra size you buy.

Avoid exercising with no bra on

Like you learned earlier, exercising can also cause the boobs to sag if they are strenuous and require you

to jump, for example when skipping a rope; they can stretch your breast ligaments and cause them to lose their firmness over time. So it is not a good idea for you as a woman to ditch your bras when you exercise.

Protect Your Cleavage

Remember what we said earlier about the skin around the chest region being very delicate? That’s another

reason for you to always protect it from anything that can cause it to get weak and wrinkled like the ultraviolet rays of the sun, which are not healthy for you. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can burn the skin of your chest if they are exposed and that can lead to weakness and sagging. So, as sexy as revealing your cleavage may make you feel, it certainly isn’t worth the risk.

Watch Your Posture

Standing, walking, sitting in the wrong direction can be bad for your breasts if you remain like that for

long hours. This is because it puts them in an unnatural position, and that can lead to sagging. So be sure to walk, stand, and sit upright always.

Watch your weight

Gaining and losing weight rapidly can also result into saggy breasts because it can lead to a strain on your skin. So it is important to maintain your weight. Don’t allow yourself to be in a position where you have to lose and gain weight often. Maintaining a healthy diet is a good way to do this.

However, apart from the above, there are other preventive and curative measures like exercising regularly, eating right, and staying healthy generally. It is also important to go for breast examination periodically to always be safe from cancer, which is also a cause of saggy breasts.

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