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Anti-gay Bill to be retabled this week.

The Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee took one day-Thursday- to scrutinise the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2023 as returned by President Museveni for reconsideration, and say it will be ready for tabling on Tuesday.
The committee chairperson, Ms Robinah Rwakooja, told journalists that they will write and complete their report today. The committee considered the President’s proposals in a closed door meeting yesterday.
“We sat this morning and considered his letter and have come up with proposals as to what to do. We are going to have our report prepared and we finalise and sign tomorrow we have been asked to present on Tuesday at 10am,” Ms Rwakoojo said.
President Museveni returned the Bill on Wednesday, after back-to-back meetings with legislators that were seen as means to reach a harmonised position.
He, among others, wanted Parliament to penalise the act of homosexuality, and not individuals who identify as homosexuals, and to drop the mandate for any individual to report acts of homosexuality.
Museveni also proposed that the law incorporates aspects of rehabilitation for those unwillingly recruited, or who want to reform.
While the House has 45 days to process a piece of legislation, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa asked the committee to expeditiously process the Bill that he said is highly anticipated by Ugandans.
Rwakoojo was tight-lipped on whether committee members had agreed with the President’s proposals.
“We came up with agreements on some things. We have considered the President’s pointers. We shall know if there is consensus when we vote it in the House,” she said.
Ms Rwakoojo said there was no need for public consultations since the President’s proposals suggest minor changes to what was passed on March 21.
“It doesn’t require invitation of other people, they are simple changes that we will discuss in the House. Maybe we will consult with the Attorney General in the House. We shall present and have members discussing it,” she said.

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