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Another senior ADF commander killed by UPDF.

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has carried out another surprise attack in which it killed another senior ADF commander inside the thick forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
According to the deputy defence spokesperson, Col Deo Akiiki, the Ugandan troops under Operation Shuja killed Seka Wankaba in an operation carried out at around 1:30pm in Mwalika Valley in Eastern DRC.
“Seka Wankaba, a Ugandan and Musoga by tribe was part of ADF leader Mularo Seguja’s group and a highly trained Improvised Explosive Divice (IED) expert,” Col Akiiki said in a brief statement.
A few weeks ago, the UPDF killed Ssegujja, also known as Fezza, Feeza and Mulalo, one of the most wanted ADF commanders.
Over the weekend, the Ugandan army announced it had killed 20 ADF fighters in a surprise attack on their camp inside the DRC.
Following the hot pursuit, ADF rebels have split into small groups that ransack villages before running back into hiding.
Speaking on Wednesday, the deputy defence spokesperson, Col Deo Akiiki said the Ugandan army will continue inflicting damage on the rebel cum terrorist outfit.
“Our troops won’t relent till the ADF command and control structure is fully decimated,” Col Akiiki said.

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