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MPs closed minister Muyingo’s Seeta High School.

Uganda national roads authority (UNRA) engineers looked confused as the Parliamentary committee on government assurance closed Seeta high main gate, saying that it was illegally built at the dark spot while UNRA officials were watching.
The MPs sitting on the Government Assurance Committee led by Mukono legislator Betty Nambooze were inspecting construction works at Kampala -Jinja highway, specifically at the Seeta Mukono stretch.
The MPs said that they can’t not allow Seeta High school to continue using the gate which was constructed in the road reserve and on top of that it is in the black spot that anytime children might die.
During the inspection, MPs found that the newly constructed canals had blocked others with mud and most of the concrete in the trenches were washed away by running water.
While touring the road, traders working along this road expressed dismay over their goods that are always destroyed by the water whenever it rains, they blamed the engineers for the shoddy work.
The MPs also criticized the church and Seeta High School for building the gate in a dangerous location, which could cause accidents for school children who are transported daily, and asked UNRA engineers to explain who gave permission to build the gate in the black spot.
“We are not closing the school, we are closing the gate because it was constructed illegally and in the wrong location, our kids vare are at risk” Said Nambooze
They, led by Engineer Charles Kalinaki, denied involvement in the work and told the builders that they were soldiers and UNRA did not allow them to construct the gatel, but asked for time to come out and report the matter.
The MPs also decided to order the gate of the school and the church to be closed and find proper places to put their gates because these are dangerous.
Nambooze, the committee chairperson, lamented the contempt of UNRA officials for refusing to come to explain despite being summoned in advance.
The road is currently in poor condition and UNRA was awarded 83 billion shillings to repair the damaged sections and the contract was awarded to Energo projekt.

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