Monday, June 17News That Matters

Alien Skin announces Nkwacho Festival in Busabala.

There is a new twist in the Nkwacho festival developments after Alien Skin revealed plans of taking it to Busabala. Busabala is known to be Bobi Wine’s business hub.
The last three days might have been some of the toughest for Alien Skin, real name Patrick Mulwana, following the criticism he has received due to his fallout with promoter Abtex.
He has also received negative remarks especially online over the statements made asking President Museveni for a collabo and promising to take him on a tour in the ghetto, something NUP supporters believe was made in mockery of their leader Bobi Wine.
Alien has since maintained that he is politically neutral and wants none of the criticism being cast upon him with the notion of “betraying NUP.”
Now, Alien Skin has left a hint that he is likely to reschedule his earlier canceled Nkwacho festival and take it to Busabala.
Busabala is known widely for Bobi Wine’s One Love Beach which hosts festivals and concerts and it is not clear whether Alien really intends to take his concert there or if he is just bluffing.
“I’m taking Nkwacho festival to Busabala. I will be sharing the details,” Alien Skin tweeted on Wednesday night.