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Members, supporters, and friends of the Alliance for National Transformation Party
Fellow Ugandans.
We bring you special salutations on this 22nd day of May 2021 as we celebrate our second birthday as a political party.We recall with fond memories the occasion of our  Party launch at the Serena international conference centre..The fraternal messages,the words of wisdom ,the solidarity and the Keynote address still echoe in our minds and we value them.

Alaso Alice AsianutAg National Coordinator
Our own commitment and pledge to Ugandans and humanity is still as valid and fresh.We have lived every day of the last two years working towards building a values based political Party that will transform the political culture of Uganda..Todate we have made contact with every sub County and most parishes in Uganda through either the  interim structure or the candidature of our members.We celebrate this milestone with a desire to do even more.
As we navigate the murky waters of Uganda political arena,I wish to call upon each one of us  to commit afresh to values based leadership and the building and  restoration of institutions.There is no doubt that Uganda is at the verge of a political transition.This possibility stares at  us daily.Our prescription for a season like this is to raise nurture and  deploy  qualitative values driven all levels.It is very clear that the only problem  a very well endowed country like ours is faced with is  lack of good leadership.I repeat,the solution to all Ugandas problems is Leadership..Away from the lazy , greedy,corrupt overbearing and intolerant  leadership to honest hard working and God fearing men and Women of integrity.Uganda has plenty of them and I encourage them to rise up to this National call.No one else will fix the bad state of our Country unless the good people leave their comfort zones and bring their goodness to public leadership and politics
Fellow Ugandans ,if you have not yet found the reason to do all in your power to change the direction of our country , please consider that the cancer of corruption has eaten up our public resources to a point where the taxed don’t get the services they deserve.Consider the fact that while  our leaders wantonly borrow with such an elastic appetite  our youth and children who will bear the bulk of loan repayment have no relevant education and no jobs.They will only pay because they have the breath of life and are Ugandans!!
I hope that you will be jolted to action  by the gross violation of human rights.In this day of our existence as a nation .Citizen abduction,torture,land grabbing,battering of fishermen and the harassment by security forces have become the norm in Uganda.
Fellow Ugandans,these kind of things should cause each one of us to act.Uganda can certainly be a better country.
At the ANTwe are working together with like minded democracy seeking forces to  build a build a credible  team and to  champion  National transition and transformation Agenda which is way above the partisan and ethnic divide..
We must position the Youth at the center of our transition and transformation plan.
In commemorating this second anniversary ,we shall focus on our humble but significant achievements.
Today we join the people of Kisozi Town council  Kamuli District to celebrate the victory of Mr Mulinda our ANT LC5 councillor.This and other victories mark the start of our service  as elected  A.N.T leaders.
We shall also  plant trees today  to contribute to the restoration of our environment.Please plant an A .N.T tree today or in the course of this week and save our environment.
In the days to come we shall commence active recruitment and building of grass root structures.I urge you to support this process by your active involvement . Remember also to support financially by making donation to the Party.

Lastly we thank you all for your support and commitment to this cause.There is no doubt that our journey of humble beginnings will bear much fruit.As Ugandans search for a credible leadership team ,they will find A.N.T worthy of trust.
 We pray that God will bless the Alliance for National Transformation.
God bless you.
God bless Uganda
Alaso Alice AsianutAg National Coordinator

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