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14 huts burnt in Apaa on Easter.

Fourteen huts were on Easter Sunday night set ablaze by arsonists in Goro B Village in Apaa Township bordering Amuru and Adjumani districts.
Local leaders say that the arsonists used petrol to wreak havoc in the area in the early hours of Monday morning and claimed that they were acting on orders of the Adjumani district leaders.
Security personnel in the area who asked not to be named said that eight of the suspects were rounded up and arrested.
Some of the suspects arrested in connection to the incident have been identified as Opio Pedro, Justine Iwa, Anyama Emmanuel, Josephine Mindra, James Owori, and Amoko Joseph.
They told URN on Monday that the suspects disclosed that they were mobilized by the local leaders from the Madi Community and at the time of their arrest they were in possession of two pangas, nineteen arrows and two hand hoes.
They have been identified that victims as Okwera Simon Peter Daniel, Alibiriko Ongom, Oloya Santos, Ojok Michael, Okumu Charles Ojwin, Oryem Celestino, and Komakech Richard.
Others are; Olanya Daniel, Aber Eveline. Koniyo Palimira, Akwero Sabina, Onek John, and Adong Beatrice.
Francis Owor, a local leader in Apaa said that several households have been displaced following the incident, adding that it has also sent waves of fear among the people.
Stephen Drani, the Paramount Chief of Madi Chiefdom confirmed the attack, describing it as unfortunate. He noted that a section of local leaders in the contested area should be investigated for masterminding such attacks.

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