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Zuena makes fun of her husband over his reasons for not fasting.

Zuena Kirema has made fun of her husband’s (Bebe Cool) comments on fasting in a hilarious caption.
Since it’s the holy month of Ramadhan, Ugandans retrieved Bebe Cool’s 2019 video where he explained his reasons for not fasting.
In a viral video, the singer explained that he has ulcers and cannot fast.
“When I try to fast, I start feeling feverish at around 2 pm,” he said.
Over the weekend, Zuena shared the video on her social media and captioned it, “Naye mwee ????????????
Wama Asalaam Aleikum.”
The video has once again gone viral, with many trolling the singer.
Meanwhile, the holy month started on March 22 and is set to probably end on April 20, although dates may vary.

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