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Woman chops her own child then eats her like vampire.

Residents of Kitengela town, Kenya were treated to real vampire like movie scenes when a 24 year old Olivia Kasserran butchered her two year old daughter.
Ms Olivia, was found by neighbors naked after they responded to the cries of the baby.
However, they found the poor girl already dead, with her mother naked in what the neighbors described as having also feasted on the baby.
Reports from the media indicated that Ms Olivia stated that she suffered from low self esteem and that she did not like herself.
Ms. Olivia is now in police custody as police continue with their investigation before she face charges.
In some African cultures, once a person has died, their loved ones consume parts of their body so that they, quite literally, become a part of them. To some, this might seem disturbing, but to the demon possessed Africans who entertain these rituals, it’s as easy as eating rice.

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