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Winnie Kiiza, Karuhanga, Mwiiru and and other big ANT fish cross to NUP.

The Alliance for National Transformation Party (ANT) has again faced another big blow as her top party leaders plot for a massive defection to NUP due to poor leadership and the loss of a political future in the party.
Latest developments in Gen Mugisha Muntu’s party have indicated that the defecting party leaders held a closed-door courtesy meeting yesterday at the Speke Hotel with the party president, informing him of their intentions to leave the party.
Among the big fish resigning are the former Kasese Woman MP and former LOP Winnie Kiiza, the former Jinja Municipality MP Paul Mwiru, the former Ntungamo Municipality MP Gerald Karuhanga, and Kasiano Wadri, among other top leaders.
ANT leaders are unhappy with the party.
According to close sources, these party leaders are far from happy in terms of how the ANT party has been running and participating in national politics, something that threatens their political careers.
The party vice president, Winnie Kiiza, was bitter, especially after how the party performed in the recently concluded elections, failing to secure a single win in Soroti, Omoro, and finally Serere counties by-elections.
A source said Winnie Kiiza is strategizing to return to elective politics as the Kasese Woman MP after being inactive in recent years.
On the other hand, Paul Mwiiru has been one of the biggest funders of the ANT elections, which saw him lose huge sums of cash that he injected in the Alice Alaso campaigns in the Serere by elections and other ANT campaigns but did not yield the expected results.
These leaders have therefore lost all hope in the party, as it has completely failed to capture any political popularity among the electorate despite their unwavering efforts to have the party elevated.
Negotiations with NRM fail, and NUP welcomes them.
Sources disclosed that after several meetings with NRM officials, the ANT leaders decided to get in touch with their friends in the NUP leadership after their “cash” demands were rejected by the NRM bosses.
It is alleged that these ANT leaders requested a hefty amount (yet to be disclosed) to join the NRM in order to reboot their political ambitions.
“Winnie Kiiza and her ANT colleagues met with some NRM bosses and promised to defect to NRM only if some amount of money was given to each of them, something the NRM bosses were clearly uncomfortable with,” said the source, who preferred anonymity.
Fortunately, their NUP leadership welcomed them and promised to revamp their political ambitions; this support came with stringent conditions, among which is standing firm to promote the NUP’s homosexual agenda, the source added.
The close source also revealed that the NUP leadership is set to hold a press conference at their party headquarters for the grand unveiling and to officially welcome these leaders to the red camp.
“A press conference is expected to be held on Monday at NUP headquarters,” says the close source.

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