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Widad Babiker; Wife of Ex-Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir Re-arrested over Corruption Charges.

The Sudanese security forces have rearrested Widad Babiker, the wife of former President Omar Al-Bashir, just a day after she was released on bail, the Sudan Tribune Newspaper has reported.

Babiker was freed on Tuesday after serving almost 11 months’ term in jail over financial irregularities and corruption charges, including those directly linked to the Sanad Charitable Foundation that she had chaired.

The newspaper reported that, following Babiker’s release, law enforcement officers rearrested her on Wednesday as it was necessary to resume the investigation into her case.

According to the source, the wife of the ousted Sudanese leader is currently in a critical health condition suffering from chronic diseases.

The authorities, in turn, have not accepted repeated requests from Babiker’s lawyers and members of her inner circle to allow her to leave the country for medical treatment.

Along with illegal financial operations, land manipulations are also on the list of charges that had been brought against Babiker.

The investigating team is looking into the origin of multiple bank accounts and plots of land owned by Bashir’s wife.

Al-Bashir governed Sudan for three decades before he was toppled by a military coup in April 2019, which brought the Transitional Military Council to power in the wake of months-long mass anti-government rallies.

In May 2019, Al-Bashir was charged with incitement and involvement in the killing of protesters who participated in the demonstrations.

The former president was also accused of financial fraud and is serving a two-year prison term in connection with the matter.

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