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UPDF resolves to give possible compasation.

UPDF resolves to give possible compasation to persons affected by their plane accident near Saka airstrip.
Todays meeting jointly coordinated by mayor north division mashuhuko Joseph and rcc city Mr anglia which took place at saka Air field was chaired by col Simon deputy commander Air force attached to mountain brigade.the following were the aspects of the way forward.
1, The inspection of the scene was made together with the affected persons and the preliminary findings were registered awaiting for the approval of the board of enquiries frm updf head quarters for on ward scrutiny and approval.
2. compasation of the affected is going to determined by the report of board of the medium and long term plans discussions of the relocation and compasation have been initiated for the most neighbouring occupants especially that will be found inside the tittle of the airfield after the opening the boundaries.
3.Electric power line which erected across the air field should be urgently relocated bze its a security threat and one of the suspected causes of flight accidents.finally the meeting led by mashuhuko and rcc together with updf addressed the community at saaka trading centre.others present hon prosper representing city division councillors and chairman lc1 kasindikwa cell

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