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UPDF participates in US’ largest military force.

The Ugandan army, the UPDF was among the participants in the just concluded largest military exercise in East Africa by the United States, African partner nations and multinational forces.
The U.S. Africa Command’s largest East Africa military training exercise code named Justified Accord 23″ (JA23) that commenced in mid-February was closed on Thursday in Isiolo, Kenya where the UPDF was praised for its professionalism.
“The professionalism and constant enthusiasm was worth it and made the exercise a success,” said the commanding General SETAF – AF Maj Gen Todd R Wasmund, during the closure of the 10- day exercise.
The exercise designed to build readiness for the U.S. joint force, increase multinational interoperability in crisis response and counterterrorism operations, and prepare regional partners for U.N. and African Union-mandated missions attracted 1000 participants involving multiple U.S. military components, allied partner nations and international organizations.
The drills also featured an African Union staff officer course multinational live-fire field training exercise, humanitarian projects, medical evacuation as well as defensive cyber exercises.
This was the first year cyber knowledge was incorporated into the exercise series.
The General Officer Commanding East Command Maj Gen Juma Mwinyikai, who represented the Kenyan Chief of Defence Forces stressed that training is key in enhancing the cooperation between the partner states and the Kenya Defence Forces.
“We appreciate the aims of this exercise, it will shape the arrow-head for mission readiness and interoperability between USA and the African Nations in Peace Support Operations set-up, we know the commitments of the Republic of Djbouti, Rwanda, and Uganda who brought in their troops to take part in this exercise,” Maj Gen Mwinyikai noted.
He also remarked that JA 23 demonstrates the commitment by East African regional forces towards integration to enhance better interoperability.
Maj Gen Mwinyikai further appreciated other participants from Burundi, Botswana, Comoros, Madagascar, Mozambique, Somalia and Zambia who conducted the African Union staff officer’s course at the Humanitarian Peace Support Training School in Embakasi.
The Deputy to the Commander Of Civil-Military Engagement for US – Africa Command, Ambassador Andrew Young, was thankful to all participants for their professionalism during JA 23 exercise.

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