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UPDF kills 20 ADF rebels in a surprise attack.

The joint forces of UPDF and the Congolese army, FARDC have announced that they have killed at least 20 ADF rebels in Eastern DR Congo.
In an operation that saw the joint forces make a surprise attack on an ADF camp in the thick forests South West of River Lusulubi Near River Semuliki -Rwenzori Sector, 20 rebels were put out of action whereas one UPDF soldier was also killed in the shootout.
“Four AK 47s, five magazines, solar panels, two combat uniforms of UPDF, seven combat uniforms of FARDC , five charging ports of walkie- talkies, five radios, five batteries, two phones, three back packs, two ponchos and two finishing nets were recovered from ADF,” the UPDF said in a statement.
The joint forces operating under Operation Shuja have continued to register successes in the fight against ADF, an offshoot in Central Africa for the Islamic State group.
Earlier this month, the UPDF and Congolese army killed Elias Ssegujja, one of the most wanted and top commanders of the ADF.
Born in Uganda, Ssegujja was one of the ADF’s original members and has since risen through the ranks at the terrorist outfit to become the third tom most commander by the time of his death.
The recent death and capture of a number of senior ADF commanders has seen Sseguja rise in ranks and position to fill the vacuum left behind.
As a field commander, he had been accused of leading multiple deadly attacks against civilian populations, commanding a mobile camp, burning United Nations armored vehicles, caning uncooperative civilians, and killing civilians suspected of aiding the DRC army.
Ssegujja had also previously served as the chief of combat and operations but also worked with the artillery before becoming a commander.

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