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UNRA acquires new mobile station trucks.

Roads body, UNRA has acquired a fleet of new mobile station trucks that will be used in road maintenance operations across the country.
The fleet of six mobile station trucks according to UNRA will be distributed across their regional offices around the country.
“The heavy machines we use in maintenance of works regularly requires service and repairs. We have traditionally (previously) brought the machines to workshops for service and repair. Now, with the mobile workshops we can service and repairs the equipment in their deployed location. This will reduce the time taken to service and repair machines so that we can have an uninterrupted program of road maintenance. The mobile workshops supplement the stationary workshops and will enhance capacity of our mechanical department,” UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kagina said.
The UNRA Executive Director also inspected an amphibious excavator designed to operate in challenging terrains including wetlands, swamps, and low-lying areas.
According to UNRA officials, the amphibious excavator will be deployed to any area of our road network that may be submerged, including landing sites and low-lying areas.
Last year, UNRA announced that it had lined up 22 roads in different parts of the country that were set to be upgraded in order to help increase on the number of tarmacked roads in the country.
The UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kagina said roads to either be upgraded or designed and built include Koboko-Yumbe-Moyo Road (103.08km), Luwero-Butalangu Road (30km, Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi and Kisoro-Mgahinga Roads (33.2km), Yumbe –Ure-Bridge Road (23.6Km) ,Tororo-Busia Road (26Km) Mayuge and Busia town roads (18Km), Kawuku-Bwerenga Road (6.6km) and Namugonde-Bugiri (Fuel Tank Reservoir 1.6km).
Others are Kitgum-Kidepo(115km), Kabwohe-Bwizibwera/ Nyakambu-Nsiika (46.4km), Kisubi–Nakawuka-Nateete (27km), Nakawuka–Kasanje-Mpigi(20km), Nakawuka–Mawagulu–Nanziga-Maya(11km), Kasanje-Buwaya (9km), Entebbe-Nakiwogo (3.5km), selected town roads in Pallisa (7.7km and Kumi (12.2km), Iganga-Bulopa-Kamuli road (56.3km),Luku-Kalangala-Mulabana Road (65.3km), seven town roads (10.67km), Jinja-Mbulamuti-Kamuli-Bukungu (127km) and Jinja City Roads (10km), Kotido-Kaabong Road (69.2km), critical oil roads including Karugutu –Ntoroko Road (56.5Km), Link to Rwebisengo (8.2Km) and 3.3Km of town roads in Ntoroko.
UNRA will also upgrade Kisoro-Rubuguru-Muko/Nteko Road (72km) Karenga-Kapedo-Kaboong Road (67.5km) Ishasha-Katunguru Road (88km) Nabumali-Butaleja-Namutumba Road (72km)selected access roads in Rushere Town (3km) and Kyamate access roads (2.6km) Lusalira-Nkonge-Lumegere-Ssembabule Road(97km).
According to Kagina, UNRA will also construct 76 bridges in different parts of the country to help improve mobility.

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