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Ugandans losing millions of money to fake car dealers.

Ugandans have been cautioned to double check with the car dealers before making any transactions in order to avoid losing their monies to conmen.
The call made by Mr Marvin Ayebare, the publicity secretary of the association of used car importers in Uganda came at a time when Be Forward, a Japanese car exporter compensated 53 clients who were defrauded by one of their former agents, Steel Logistics Nagoya in November last year.
Ayebare said that before dealing with companies, Ugandans should always take an initiative and do thorough checks on internet and even make calls before carrying out these dealings.
In November 2022, a total of 53 customers were defrauded by Steel Logistics Nagoya after they paid for their vehicles only to turn out that they had diverted the funds.
In a press conference held at their offices in Kampala, officials from Be Forward said that all the aggrieved customers had been compensated.
“For us we prioritise solution other than anything else. We took an initiative, verified all the payment information by our clients and decided to compensate them by sending their vehicles,” Joseph Bogere, the Tokyo-based Uganda’s country manager said.
Mr John Mutahi, the senior manager in charge of South/East Africa said that the unfortunate incident made them to sit down and assess before acting.
“As we keep on tracking these people, we have decided to take the initiative and clear our brand, which we have built for years,” he added.
Some of the complainants including Mr Andrew Kisitu told the press that they had received their vehicles after exerting pressure on the company which later cooperated.
Kisitu said that after the scandal, the company reached out to him and asked him to pay the remaining balance so that he can get his car.
“I had paid $10,000 so after finishing my balance, they sent my vehicle which is now in Mombasa,” he said.
The other Be Forward agents in Uganda are Kheri Group Limited, Pre Motors Limited, Mpaatanel Company Limited, Fahd Enterprises Limited, Meik Car Hub Limited, and Beetonda Auto Limited in Masaka.

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