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UCU students prefer  both practical and theory learning.

UCU is on track to realize thier theme by teaching theory accompanied by practical skills .
Speaking to some students at UCU about what they think about having a more practical form of learning to theorize, this is what they had to say.
Our main reason for coming here is to get skills and other values on how to make the church more sound. So, of course, we need the practical bit. Theory helps us learn how to talk to people and the vocabulary to use.
Theory shapes and prepares us for the world we will encounter after completing this course, but we need practical projects to learn how to work with Christians in church. , we need a blend of the two and not theory alone.
I think there should be a balance between practical and theoretical because, then, we will be more proactive in what we do. For example, in my course, we first do theory, then after we go for the practical bit at the hospital.
When you get there, it is easier to know what you are dealing with because you have already learnt about it in class. Otherwise, it is harder to come into contact with new things that you have no knowledge of.
I would prefer the practical bit because not all the theory we learn is needed at the end of it all, as much as it helps us understand what we are doing.
I think the practical form of learning is better because that is what is needed out there. So, it will prepare us for life after school.
Practical classes are lively. It is easier for students to participate since it is basically hands-on, which is not the case with theoretical classes.
Unlike theory, which is more of a form of writing with no practice, practical classes help students practice what they are learning in class so they will actually know how to survive in the job world after school.
I think the practical form of learning is much better because it is easier to understand what is being taught. With hands-on, you get to practice what you will do after school, which helps you perfect your skills.
Whereas theory gives us a picture of what we need to know and how things must or should be done, practical classes give students more room to understand. There are things that are better taught practically than theoretically. For example, in my course, you cannot teach someone how to use a camera; they need to see and touch in order to learn better.
I think the practical form of learning is much more
The practical form of learning engages more students than theory does. Students are more engaged in practical classes, whereas theory classes appear to bore them.
There is more real-life practice that engages students and helps them learn and practice what they are learning in class, compared to theoretical classes.

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