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UCU donates medical supplies to Mukono hospital

The Mukono diocese bishop Rt. Rev. James William Ssebagala has today recieved a donation of medical supplies from Uganda christian university, in the bid to boost medical performance in the church founded hospital.

The consignment include surgical equipments, diathan machines, bioxgun, sanitizers and among others, which was got through UCU United States based partners medi share.

After receiving the medical consignment, the Mukono general hospital medical supretendant, Dr. Geoffrey Kasirye said, there is overwhelming numbers of patients received at Mukono general hospital, and the hospital is unable to handle the numbers due to the meagre resources at newly elevated medical facility.

Dr. Kasirye revealed that ever since the elevation of the hospital to in 2020, there is tremendous increase in antnental cases at the hospital from 600 to 750 per month, and the infrastructure is not able to sustain the growing population.

Kasirye also noted that, ” they have challenges of equipments and specialist’s that have not been deployed at health facility and also the hospital has a small budget “. 

 Kasirye blames uganda’s service commission that has delayed to recruit specialist at Mukono general hospital.

Dr. Mushengyerezi Eron, the vice chancellor Uganda university noted that one Uganda christian university’s priority, is to support all church founded organs like schools and hospitals.

The vice chancellor also clarified that, the donation is aimed at preparing these hospitals as they wait to recieve UCU medical students for clinical training. 

Bishop Ssebagala, thanked the UCU for full filling their commitment, however, Ssebagala pointed out the challenge of expensive hospital equipments, that leads to high medical charges which are not affordable the patients,

” I have a feeling that medical charges are going to be affordable after receiving these modern equipments” he said.

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