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Tusker Lite starts up for campusers ahead of Neon Street Rave.

If there is anything that pairs together effortlessly, it is beer and fine music.
Over the weekend, campus Uni partiers were treated to exactly that as Tusker Lite stormed a popular hang-out spot, The Hive, and graced them with fun unique beer experiences.
This is precisely because in less than a week, party lovers will be at the Lugogo Hockey Grounds come February 25th, for an even bigger party; The Neon Street Rave.
Activations have been taking place in several hang out joints with the brand engaging consumers and having them take part in challenges to win tickets to the invite-only rave.
Prudence Mutembei, the Tusker Lite Brand Manager urged those that didn’t win invites to continue engaging with the brand’s social media pages for a chance to win more tickets.
“As a brand, we decided to take the fun to the next level by not only giving back to our loyal customers but also spending some time with them. We have had activations in several hang out joints as we lead to the Neon Street Rave,” she said.
“Those that did not get a chance to win tickets during our activations, not all hope is lost. Take some time and engage with our social pages for an opportunity to win yourself invites to the rave,” she added.
The Tusker Lite Neon Street Rave is a platform that celebrates self-expression, urban culture, uniqueness, and creativity. The event is all part of the Turn On Your Lite campaign which aims to highlight and celebrate the spark in everyone.

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