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The fighting in Sudan has no sense, should stop immediately.

President Museveni has condemned the nasty security situation in Sudan where fighting has raged between the government army and paramilitaries.
In a statement on Sunday, the president described the fighting is a misuse of force and undermines the progress made in the past months of dialogue. We cannot keep papering over mistakes of unprincipled politics year after year. An unconditional and immediate cessation of hostilities to stop the tragedy and mockery of Africa is of utmost importance.
Fighting broke out late last week between the Sudan army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) as a climax of deepening tensions between military leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and his number two, paramilitary commander Mohamed Hamdan Daglo over the planned integration of the paramilitaries into the regular army.
At least 56 people have been reported to have been killed and many other injured during the fighting whereas several other installations in the capital, Khartoum have been destroyed.
In his statement, President Museveni described the fighting as one without any sense.
“Barring any other illegitimate aim in causing instability, the apparent sticky issue of the time required to implement the merging of warring factions into the national army, is one that can be determined scientifically, considering known and, or, agreed upon parameters such as health, education, training or age of personnel. Using this as an excuse to fight is wrong,” he said.
According to Museveni, fighting in a populated Khartoum will see many people die yet this could have been avoided.
“Should there be absolute need to fight, it is irresponsible to place such action in a populated area such as Khartoum. This should stop immediately as it places a heavy burden on the people and the future.”
The Ugandan president warned the warring factions in Sudan that the country doesn’t belong to either of them but rather the people.
“The ultimate arbitration on political issues and determination of governance should be brought back to the people in an election.”
President Museveni has previously advised military leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan to organise elections in Sudan.

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