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Public Should  Remain Cautious During Lockdown; Police

Public Should Remain Cautious During Lockdown; Police

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The leadership of the Joint Security Agencies, has noted with serious concern calls by selected politicians, encouraging the public to disregard the lockdown and re-open their businesses and activities. The lifting of the lockdown restrictions without a proper plan, means throwing away all protection, which is very dangerous and risky for the health and safety of Ugandans and visitors in the country. We are all aware the pandemic has not disappeared and therefore, need to remain cautious and not lose out on the individual and collective gains we have all made in keeping ourselves and everyone else safe. Let us therefore, wait for the address of H.E. The President and follow the range of options that the government is looking to provide. As the Joint Security Agencies, we continue to strict...
‘Bobi Wine Saw A Star, Not Drone’-Enanga

‘Bobi Wine Saw A Star, Not Drone’-Enanga

By Our Reporter Deputy Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga has said that there were no drones at Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s home last week as it was alleged. Enanga, who was speaking during a press conference on Friday, said what Bobi Wine saw hovering around his house was actually a star, not a drone. “There are allegations that Hon. Kyagulanyi was walking around in his compound at night and he saw something shining. I don’t know if he has a habit of walking around at night. However, what he saw was perhaps a start,” Enanga said, adding that; “There are words going around that he saw a drone, But that report is not with us Bobi Wine tweeted a video in which he was seen standing on the balcony of his house staring at two very shiny objects...