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Suspects arrested over murder of journalist outside radio station.

Several people have been arrested in Cameroon over the murder of a prominent journalist Martinez Zongo, the presidency said on Thursday.
It did not reveal the identities of the suspected people or their number.
A statement said the suspects were being interrogated to determine the level of their involvement and the identities of all the people connected to the murder that happened two weeks ago.
For the first time since Mr Zogo’s body was found, President Paul Biya paid a “special tribute” to him and expressed his “heartfelt condolences” to his family.
The radio host was found dead on 22 January after going missing for five days. His decomposing naked body was found near the capital, Yaoundé, after alleged abduction by unknown men on 17 January.
He was the director of the privately-owned Amplitude FM and hosted a popular radio show called “Embouteillage” or traffic jam.
He had recently talked on air about an alleged embezzlement case involving a wealthy businessman and top officials.

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