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Opinion: Ssemujju Nganda remains the best legislator.

By Nuwahereza keefa

Ssemujju Nganda has been and remains the most vocal mouthpiece for the FDC, both on the floor of parliament and on talk shows. like he is on an expedition to save FDC from further collapse. Whereas his counterparts, Dr. Besigye, Patrick Aumriat, and Nandala Mafabi, keep kicking dust on their political careers accusing each other of being in bed with the NRM.
According to Ofwono Opondo, in a parliament of 329, FDC has only 29 MPs, mostly subdued, probably contemplating their own demise as they maintain a demilitarized zone with NUP. Listening to the current political throb-beat, one cannot fail to notice the dead silence from every FDC corner, as its leaders seem to have lost their shine of yesteryears; perhaps Ibraihim Ssemujju Nganda is on a publicity trip.
“The hay days of Kizza Besigye, Nandala Mafabi, and Amuriat as opposition knights are fast receding beyond recognition. As well as the desertion of top leaders from all parts of the country, including Teso and Kasese, which were their strongholds? Ssemujju can hardly make the strides he needs to make in order to turn the tables around for FDC with Amuriat walking in the shadow of Besigye and inheriting the barren landscape, so there is very little he can do as a one-man crusade to do so,” Opondo said.
However much Ssemujju plays tactics with vocals, it is evident that the FDC no longer has a region it can comfortably call its own; NUP might have appeared to be the temporary beneficiary of FDC’s weakness, but because they erred by establishing chaotic coalitions, their tribal card is a misfit in navigating through the turbulent waters of politics.
Political analyst Jonathan Tabalanga insists that the opposition has long relied on false propaganda, blackmail, complaints about torture, and kidnappings. However, sharp Ugandans have learned to recognize that these narratives are occasionally self-inflicted and paid for to damage the reputation of the government.
“Much of the above narration has weakened the opposition further. Whatever tactics Ssemujju may employ, the mileage he intends to gain by keeping FDC afloat may yield zero progress,” Kabalanga said.

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