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Soldiers receive their pay before anyone else.

Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) deputy spokesperson, Lt Col Deo Akiiki has refuted allegations that Private Wilson Sabiti (deceased) shot Minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, Col (rtd) Charles Engola dead because of not being paid his salary.
Engola was shot dead on Tuesday at his home in Kyanja.
Reports indicated that Sabiti (deceased), who shot the minister, was frustrated by the delay in receiving his salary and lamented his miserable circumstances just before he shot himself.
However, Akiiki claims that army officers receive their pay on the 27th of each month.
“All of us get our salaries by the 27th of every month and I have facts to show you that my bank received that money and every soldier received his pay,” Akiiki said.
The deceased soldier, according to Akiiki, had just finished a month of duty protecting the deceased minister.
Akiiki expressed confidence that Ronald Otim, the minister’s ADC, who suffered serious injuries and was taken to Mulago Hospital for treatment, will aid the security forces in carrying out exhaustive investigations.
Akiiki stated that they are dedicated to determining the motivation behind the UPDF officer’s actions.
According to Akiiki, Sabiti had been assigned to guard the minister about a month ago. He added other security guards who were assigned to the minister and were at home at the time of the shooting are helping with investigations.

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