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Sheraton Hotel Closes, Lays of Hundreds Of Workers Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

By Keefa Nuwahereza

The management of Sheraton Hotel, Kampala, has laid off  hundreds of its workers as a result of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

The layoff was communicated by the office of the Director Human Resources in an internal memo issued on April 14, 2020, which notifies all employees the drastic measures undertaken  by management in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Memo, titled COVID-19 Updates Sheraton Kampala Hotel & HTS Union reads in part thus;    

“ Following the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on business operations worldwide, Sheraton Hotel Management and HTS-Union have deliberated  and agreed on the below;

 All Associates will consume all accrued leave till April 2020

All employees on probationary contracts will be stopped and paid as per CBA and HR Manual.

That all fixed term contracts with a definitive end date shall not be renewed, Payments will be done as per the CBA and HR Manual

All affected employees will be first to be considered when situation normalizes.

That all employees shall be paid their service charge for the month of February 2020 by not later than 7th April, 2020.

All employees shall receive full salaries for the month of March 2020.

Some employees will be selected by Sheraton Hotel Management to maintain essential activities of the hotel.

Employees retained shall receive 80% salary for the month of April.

All other employees will receive 50% salary for the Month of April.

Should the business position not have improved all staff will be sent on unpaid leave from 1st May 2020 until further notice.

All 2020 baggage will be paid only when business resumes and allows.

Those other decision shall be made upon notification of the Union depending on the prevailing situation and or the  Government pronouncements.

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